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Most individuals with severe mental illness (SMI) want to work and feel that work is an important goal in their recovery.  Those with mental illness are a diverse group of people, with a wide range of talents and abilities.  They work in all sectors of the workplace. Employment not only provides a paycheck, but also a sense of purpose, opportunities to learn and a chance to work with others.  Most importantly, work offers hope, which is vital to recovery from mental illness.

Out Patient Services:

The UPAC Noble Works Program is designed to create new avenues for meaningful employment for Transition Age Youth (TAY) and Adult and Older Adult (AOA) Individuals with Severe Mental Illness (SMI).  The approach is person-first and family-centered, with the goal of finding meaningful jobs, careers or small business start-ups that are chosen by the client as opposed to finding a placement in any job that is available.

Participants will work with an Employment Specialist to explore his/her interests, strengths, skills, education level and what he/she really would like to do if given the opportunity.
A Job Coach will assist each participant overcome their barriers to employment.  Individual and group sessions are available to develop interpersonal skills, how to dress for interviews, money management, resume writing, computer skill development, work boundaries, etc…
Bi-weekly Peer-facilitated support groups are available for individuals who have found jobs and still need the support of peers to handle stress, questions about their employment and other issues.

Male working from homeBasic computer skills training will be taught by New Horizons. Each course consists of six classes totaling 15 hours of training time.  The typical time to complete the entire program is eight (8) weeks:

• CompTIA A+ certification is the starting point for individuals who are interested in a career in IT, and provides training in the fundamentals of computer technology, installation and configuration of PCs, laptops and related hardware, and basic networking:
fixing a computer
With the assistance of New Horizons, Ramp Up 2 Work will develop a computer re-cycling business.  Various businesses will be asked to donate unused computers, repair/upgrade and/or clean up the computers and sell them to individuals with mental illness who cannot afford new computers.

UPAC collaborates with two mental health providers, the National Alliance on Mental Illness San Diego (NAMI SD) and Providence Community Services (PCS); and two business sector partners, New Horizons Computer Learning Centers of Southern California and CDC Small Business Finance Corporation.

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Funded by:   MHSA Innovation Funds

Program Manager:  Melissa Tran, MFT
5296 University Ave. Suite G & H
San Diego, CA 92105
Office: 619-955-5580
Fax: 619-955-5543